Friday, August 21, 2009

Ryan Adams Exhibition On Tap For Morrison Hotel

Just in case you were worried that Ryan Adams' recent marriage and subsequent relocation to LA would slow him down creatively, fear not: While he continues to keep his promise of not releasing new music, he has managed to release a book, and now he's jumping back into his painting.

On September 23rd Adams will find himself back in New York as the artist-in-residence at the Morrison Hotel Gallery. Apparently Adams will not only be exhibiting his previous work, but also creating new canvases on site. We have no idea what to expect (well, except for what's above) but it should be quite the trip - we'll definitely be stopping by.

mp3: Ryan Adams - If I Am A Stranger (7 inch version)


Lew said...

There are several other pictures of his paintings floating around, two really cool cityscapes, a face, a person smoking....all of them, in my opinion, quite good, but of course art like everything else is in the eye and mind and heart of the beholder. You picked the one piece, mixed media, I didn't care for, and that seems least representative of the ones I have seen.

hippiesaredead said...

Yeah, we didn't pick that one to be particularly representative: it was just the piece that was included with the press release...