Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Postmarks: New Album Drops Next Week

Here at HAD, we've been big fans of The Postmarks ever since their self-titled debut LP. Never mind the fact that subsequently the band released a great LP called By The Numbers on eMusic, and managed to get some pretty substantive remix mileage out of the first record's worth of material.

Given all that, we were psyched to hear that the band has a new record dropping next week. So far we've only managed to get our hands on one track ("My Lucky Charm", below), but judging by the sound of things, the band's 1960's pop sensibilities are firmly in tact. It may seem, even, that the band learned a bit from the remix treatment, and decided to give their tunes a bit more driving rhythm. We likey.

It appears that the Florida natives have thus far only planned for dates in their home state, but we'll keep an eye out. It seems like a given that the band will be touring in support of the record, and this is one we don't want to miss.

mp3: The Postmarks - My Lucky Charm