Monday, August 17, 2009

Live EELS: World Cafe Performance and Free MySpace Transmissions EP

Mr. E has been out diligently making the rounds in support of Hombre Lobo, and the result is a ton of new live material for you to chew on. Specifically, the EELS frontman made a stop at NPR's World Cafe, and MySpace's Transmissions. While the sets do completely overlap, the MySpace set adds the addition of a cover of Bob Dylan's "The Girl From The North Country" and is available as a free five song download. What's more, the set is apparently being released on vinyl September 1st with a sixth bonus track, "The Longing".

While we're psyched to have all this new material, we have to say that we're a bit bummed that E's appearances (with the exception of "Tremendous Dynamite") continue to play up the chill, piano-playing, balladeer vibe. We were really excited when Hombre Lobo was demonstrating a bit more of a rock and roll vibe, and kind of figured E might be back in that state of mind. Nonetheless, we're willing to keep our hopes up.

As of yet, no tour has been announced for the record, so maybe (please?) there's a full rock band in the works.

mp3: EELS - The Girl From The North Country

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everybody should buy everything this man releases, because you are seeing something your grand kids will be into....E is a visionary and is way ahead of his time.....the new record is so good if you can't afford to buy it or can't download it I recommend stealing it from a record store.