Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Joy, Jarvis Cocker Played Music Hall Of Williamsburg - Review, Setlist

Last Thursday night we managed to get out for a night in Brooklyn to catch up with Jarvis Cocker. The last time we caught JC's show it was at the Fillmore, and it certainly did not disappoint. Fresh off of a new record (and newly divorced) we had a guess that Cocker's performance might be even more saucy this time around, and boy were we right.

Little Joy opened the night with their full lineup; This included the on-hiatus Fabrizio Moretti who apparently managed to pencil in the time for this hometown gig. The band played a set that more or less drew upon their debut record, and (at least to our ears) seemed relatively par-for-the-course. Maybe it's because they were in an opening slot, or maybe it was just the vibe of the night, but it seemed that the band never quite hit their stride.

The main act was another story entirely: Cocker took to the stage and never let up for the duration of the set. On stage his band almost seemed frozen when compared to JC's frenetic movement from song to song. He is, most certainly, a showman at heart. Equal parts Bowie and vaudeville dancer, Cocker simply manages to have the crowd wrapped around his finger while he delivers his performance.

The set focused heavily on the new record, Further Complications, and it should be said that the songs hold up even better live than they do on the record. Some of the tunes that seem a bit simplistic or trite on the record really benefit from the energy and vigor infused by the live environment. In fact, the only weak point we could find in the set was the choice to close with the mellowed out "Discosong". After such an intense show, we would have rather seen Jarvis go out with a bang.

That being said, our conclusion is the same: If you ever have the opportunity you really must catch Jarvis Cocker in concert. His dynamic energy and showmanship is simply unparalleled in the world of music, and is a sight to be seen (and heard). While we weren't on camera duty on Thursday, we have to say that we think our lone cameraphone shot (above) illustrates the gig pretty well. Which is to say: a really, really, good time.

Jarvis Cocker Setlist
Further Complications
Big Julie
I Never Said I Was Deep
Fat Children
Black Magic
Hold Still
Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
You're In My Eyes (Discosong)

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