Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hippies Are Dead's Second Anniversary: Photo Giveaway Contest!

Yes kids, that's right: it was two years ago today that Hippies Are Dead got our groove on with a tiny little post about an undersold Animal Collective show at The Fillmore. My how times change.

Here we are two years later, and still going strong. We've managed to expand to New York while maintaining a San Francisco presence, and we continue to be impressed and amazed as more and more killer music is propagated upon the world.

Of all of our experiences over the past two years, probably the most rewarding has been our coverage of live shows. Live music has been an HAD focus since the beginning, and as such it's provided the impetus for a lot of our original content, and more importantly the HAD Archive.

So, here's the deal: We're so excited about HAD's 2nd anniversary, that we want to hit you, our readers, up with a little thank you. As such, we'll be giving away two large-size (we haven't decided just how large yet), archival quality prints from the HAD Archive. All you have to do is send an email to with a note telling us which photo you'd like a print of, and how you discovered HAD. That's it! We'll pick two winners at the end of next week and get your photos on their way.

Thanks again for a great two years folks, we're looking forward to a lot more.


Hanan said...

there's no way that your blog is only 2 years old! I always thought you had it for ages and ages, your posts are so good. also, the blog shares a birthday with Julian Casablancas, which is wicked.

I am totally entering this contest but I have to go through your photos again to pick a favourite. this task will prove difficult, I love the photography on HAD.

Andrea said...

Happy Anniv! I will also be entereing the contests, your photos are always stark and lovely. You use angle very creatively.