Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Dodos Played Rickshaw Stop - Pictures, Review

On Wednesday night, things kicked off for this weekend's Outside Lands goodness with a show at The Rickshaw Stop from hometown heroes The Dodos. Despite their critical acclaim and live awesomeness, we here at HAD had never managed to catch the band's show. Admittedly, we're relatively late-to-the-game converts, but we've been hooked on the band's new record Time To Die ever since it leaked a while back, so we figured this show at The Rickshaw would be the perfect chance to play catchup.

We couldn't have been more correct: the band delivered an awesome, charismatic set that was all at once noisy, melodic, and expertly captured their unique sound. Doing so meant more than a few technical curiosities on stage: Singer Meric Long used some fancy pitch shifted vocal pedals for backups, drummer Logan Kroeber (as is apparently typical) decided to forgo a bass drum in favor of a tambourine taped to his shoe, and the band's newest member Keaton Snyder provided an epic vibraphone component of the set.

However, even more than the band's technical wizardry, we were taken with the sheer joy and and excitement that reciprocated between the crowd and the band. The enthusiasm and energy was exactly what a live rock show should be all about, and it was a great way to kick off a huge weekend of music. Or, in the words of one HAD staff member: "I'm pretty sure everyone in the audience, male and female, was charmed to death". Indeed.

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All photos by Sarah Klinger.