Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Dandy Warhols Cover "Blackbird"

In perhaps the most auxiliary turn of events resulting from the death of Michael Jackson, The Dandy Warhols have indeed covered "Blackbird".

For those not aware, on the opening track to Welcome To The Monkeyhouse, the Dandies promised "when Michael Jackson dies, we're covering "Blackbird"". Presumably this was in reference to Jackson's rather obnoxious purchase of the Beatles' catalog rights from under Paul McCartney's nose many years back, and a desire to deny Jackson any royalties.

Well, now here we are post-Jackson-mortem, and The Dandies have lived up to their promise. Ironically, the event also comes right on the heels of the band re-releasing their alternate version of Monkeyhouse entitled "The Dandy Warhols Are Sound". The cover of "Blackbird" is now being included as a bonus with the purchase of the new record.

We gave the track (which you can hear below) a listen, and we have to say we're a little bummed. It's such a straight-ahead cover, with Zia on vocals a highly manipulated Courtney Taylor Taylor on vocals and a bunch of layered synths, that it never seems to really go anywhere or do anything. Granted, the original is pretty mellow as well, but we were kind of hoping the Dandies would push it to another level. That being said, at least they kept their promise!


Hanan said...

don't love it. but it's cool that they followed through.

Undesignated said...

uh, according to spinner that's actually courtney on vocals, sung at a high pitch and then manipulated

hippiesaredead said...

Well holy jesus - if true, that's a fucking trip. Either way, the cover still feels pretty flat.

Lee said...

It's Courtney on vocals, not Zia. Makes it a bit less... straight ahead right?

I know this cuz I'm in charge of stuffs

Lee Cohen
The Dandy Warhols