Monday, August 3, 2009

Ambulance LTD Working With John Cale, Mercury Lounge And Union Hall In August

Here at HAD, Ambulance LTD's debut LP has long held a high spot on the replayability scale. The record is such a fantastic mix of genres and songwriting, combined with fantastic production, that it simply begs to be listened to on repeat. Given that, we've been a bit downtrodden about the fact that the band has experienced so much tumult over the past few years. The lineup has almost completely changed, apparently there were record company arguments, and most importantly, the band has only released one EP of new material. Well, apparently that's all about to change.

Not only has the band been recording in LA with rock heavyweight John Cale (see video, above), but they've also lined up two shows in mid August that we're guessing will feature some of that new material. The two shows, on August 17th and 18th, will take place at Union Hall and Mercury Lounge, respectively. While it's been a number of years (five, to be exact) since we last saw the band live, we can tell you that their live show is well worth your time. We'll see you out there!

mp3: Ambulance LTD - Arbuckle's Swansong