Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Music: Rad Cloud

In our book, San Francisco based Rad Cloud already have a few winning cards up their sleeve: They managed to get Grand Lake guitarist Jameson Swagnon on board for their debut LP, and what's more, said LP (which is self-titled) is being released on vinyl, which looks and sounds fantastic.

The band is officially a duo made up of Bob Thayer and Sarah Ashton, but Swagnon was on board for recording, and will be playing with the band at their record release this Saturday (July 25th) at the Makeout Room. The gig (which is early, 7:30 - 9:30) should be quite a coming out for the band, who in our book have constructed quite a unique sound.

Existing comfortably somewhere between Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo, and The Violent Femmes, the band manages to be at once accessible, mellow, rocking, and innovative. The record itself also sounds fantastic, and will be released digitally as well as on the above-mentioned vinyl.

While you're mulling over all this new information and prepping for the show on Saturday, snag a taste of the band's latest below - we're pretty sure you'll dig.

mp3: Rad Cloud - Flowers On Willie Brown Street
mp3: Rad Cloud - Blue


LRoy said...

Amazing Music! Nice album cover too!