Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Heavenly States Playing Free Gig Tomorrow Night @ The Uptown

Ted Nesseth of the Heavenly States at The Fillmore, from the HAD Archive

It's been a while since we caught The Heavenly States in a live room, but word on the street is that they've been diligently working away on new material, and are set to record a new album entitled HE LP! in the coming months. Tasty.

Lucky for us, the Bay Area natives have decided to do all of us a solid with a free show tomorrow night at The Uptown in Oakland. Given that it's the opening night of everyone's favorite summer holiday weekend, the band has new material to play, and it's free, we ask you: Can you really go wrong?

The answer, friends, is "no".

mp3: The Heavenly States - The System