Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beck's Website Freebie Madness Continues

We already mentioned that Beck had spruced up his web site with his "Record Club" concept and some Velvet Underground covers. Well, it appears that that wasn't quite enough, and so Mr. Hansen has decided to add even more free content to his home on the interwebs.

In the past week or two, Beck's not only added more Velvet Underground tracks (we're up to "Venus In Furs" now, click above for video), but he's also has implemented a weekly updated DJ session, and another weekly track-by-track release of Modern Guilt in acoustic form.

We have to say, in addition to enjoying the velvets tracks, we're quite excited about that last item. Beck's acoustic stuff has always held a special place in our hearts after seeing him at Lincoln Center, and to hear the latest record (his best in a while) get the acoustic treatment is particularly awesome.

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Hanan said...

Beck is a living legend.