Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wilco On The Tonight Show Tonight, Webcasting Berkeley On Saturday

Wilco at Jazzfest, from the HAD Archive

As Wilco tours the US and preps for next week's release of their self-titled record, the band is managing to deliver a few mass media performances for those who can't manage to catch them live. This week the band is on the West coast, and is delivering a one two punch.

The first is this evening on NBC's Tonight Show, where the band will join new host Conan O'Brien and presumably deliver a tune from their sparkly record.

The second will be on Saturday night, when the band will stream the entirety of their show at Berkeley's Greek Theater over the glorious interwebs. You can catch it at Wilco's "Roadcase" - frankly, we recommend cancelling your Saturday night plans. It's gonna be delish.