Monday, June 22, 2009

White Rabbits Played The Independent - Pictures, Review

Saturday night at The Independent, White Rabbits delivered a searing set that undeniably confirmed that their killer performance on Letterman last month was far more than a fluke. The band, which consists of six members (including two drummers), is tight knit in a way that suggests not only hours of diligent practice, but also a finely honed rapport that held firm even when the songs reached out beyond the confines of their album versions.

However, which album that refers to had a significant effect on the performance. While we're huge fans of the band's new record, we have to say that the older material felt like a distinctive lull in the set. Granted, it was just as well put together, but it lacked a certain experimentalism and boundry testing that the new material delivered in spades. We were particularly taken with the ethereal version of "Midnight And I", and the riveting energy of "Percussion Gun" and "Rudie Fails".

When a band releases a second record that drastically overshadows their first (Think Wilco, Spoon, Elton John, David Bowie and Elvis Costello, to name a few), it can be difficult to digest the ensuing tour. After all, the band has reached a new level, but is still reaching into their back catalog to fill out the set and keep things balanced. This is exactly what White Rabbits did on Saturday, and they managed to keep their efforts afloat primarily because they are such a tight, energetic unit. Yet from what we could see It's Frightening has clearly established a new direction for the band, that only stands to expand in the coming years. Frankly, we couldn't be happier.

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mp3: White Rabbits - Percussion Gun


the OCMD said...

Really sad I couldn't make this show. Especially after your glowing review. I love this album!