Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Sea And Cake At Mighty In July?

The Sea and Cake at Great American, from the HAD Archive

While we have little-to-no confirmation at this point, a little bird has spouted a rumor that The Sea And Cake may be at San Francisco's Mighty on July 17th. Given that the club is usually host to DJ's more often than bands, it seems a bit unusual. Pile that up with the fact that Tortoise (namely, John McEntire) will be in Chicago that day, and well, it doesn't sound like a full band gig.

That being said, the band is doing some Canadian dates at the beginning of July, so it's not implausable, although it seems unlikely they'd rope in another drummer. Perhaps it's an acoustic set? Or a DJ set? We honestly have no idea, and Mighty's calendar isn't giving up any secrets. We'll keep our eyes posted and let you know. Stay tuned.

mp3: The Sea And Cake - Weekend