Friday, June 26, 2009

New Spoon EP, Got Nuffin, Due On Tuesday

Well, apparently your year won't be quite a Spoon-less as once thought: The band has taken the fruits of some of their recent studio sessions and decided to release a surprise EP via their label, Merge. The disc will be a three track EP featuring all new songs, and was apparently available to preview on Amazon (though no longer) this morning. Never you worry your little head about it, however, as the record (cover art above) is set to drop this coming Tuesday.

The title track, "Got Nuffin" has been a live staple for the band for a while now, so we're not at all surprised to see it on the lineup. The other two tracks are brand new, and entitled "Tweakers" and "Stroke Their Brains". And to that we say: new Spoon is good Spoon - no exceptions! That being said, we would have loved to have seen some of the band's recent live covers on the disc ("It's Gonna Take An Airplane", "Peace Like A River", etc.), but really there are no complaints here. It's new Spoon!

Unfortunately, we couldn't dig up a copy of the tune for you (Boo! It's awesome! Promise!) So we decided to compensate by offering up two killer tracks from the bands live ouvre. One is a cover of the Smiths' song "Panic", while the other is the band playing "Mountain To Sound" featuring Deerhunter's Bradford Cox. Both are extremely awesome. Happy Friday!

mp3: Spoon - Mountain To Sound (feat. Bradford Cox)
mp3: Spoon - Panic (Smiths cover)

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.