Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Kings Of Leon Video: "Notion"

Say what you will about the Kings Of Leon (the comments section at Stereogum is rife with critique), but we're pretty sure the band is still delivering in spades.

Sure, they're a favorite of your local frat boy now, and their videos are getting quite cheeseomatic. That being said, the band is still delivering killer rock records, and to be frank, they've stayed on a steady creative path for a number of years now. We're guessing the haters now are probably the kids whose older brothers were pissed when U2 released Achtung Baby.



Hanan said...

I don't think the Followills will ever disappoint, except if my worst nightmares come true, and the retarded (and completely unfounded) "comparisions" which people who know nothing about music make about them and Jonas Bros are actualized in some sort of collaboration, yeah, that would definitely count as failure.

but Only By the Night? I swear it gets better with each listen. this phenomenon is quite spooky, yet magnificent.