Monday, June 1, 2009

Kurt Vile Signs To Matador

Kurt Vile at Amnesia in March, from the HAD Archive

We here at HAD have been digging on the awesomeness of Kurt Vile for a while now. That being said, we're not exactly surprised that the experimental singer/songwriter has gotten picked up by one of the "major" indie labels - namely, Matador Records.

In a post on the label's blog, they've waxed philosophical on Vile's virtues, concluding that he is "one of the more important figures in American music circa 2009". While we think Vile still has some records to get through before he lives up to that label, we have to say we certainly agree with the sentiment.

The post goes on to mention that Vile's first full length for Matador is due this autumn, and is entitled Childish Prodigy. Congratulations to Mr. Vile, and mark our words kids: this one's gonna be big. Like, huge.

mp3: Kurt Vile - Freeway

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the tip!