Thursday, June 18, 2009

EELS Played Letterman - Video

EELS appeared on Letterman last night, and we are sorry to say that the rock level was minimal. We don't know if it was the preference of late night TV, an attempt at wider accessibility, or just that E was feeling un-rock. Regardless, we were a little bummed to see E had picked one of Hombre Lobo's more chill numbers, "In My Dreams", for the appearance.

Not only was it a chill number, but the arrangement was sparse as well - just a drum kit, and E on the piano. Which is not to say it wasn't a solid performance: the song is charming, E sounded great, and as mellow tunage goes, it was top notch. That being said, given the vibe of the new record, we were just hoping for something with a bit more kick.

To check out the video (and Dave's playful jab at Hombre Lobo's coverart), click above.