Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yoshi's Presenting Local Birth Of The Cool Tribute

Here at HAD, we're more than willing to accept that we aren't exactly jazz aficionados. To be expert in the catalogs of most major jazz artists is a monstrous undertaking. To be frank, part of our fear is getting too immersed in jazz, and summarily bankrupting ourselves with record purchases. The cost of rare vinyl alone is enough to scare small children!

That being said, we certainly do enjoy the art form, and we're more than happy to dip our toe in the lake on a regular basis. When we do, we tend to have "go to" records and artists - one such combo is Miles Davis' Birth Of The Cool. Specifically, the reissue The Complete Birth Of The Cool. Besides being one of our first loved jazz records, the reissue also features a live take on the record that really gets our blood flowing. Moreover, the recordings are considered seminal in the development of "cool", or west coast, jazz. In short, if you harbor even a mild appreciation of jazz and don't own this disc, you should.

So, that being said, this news has us pretty excited: In honor of Miles' birthday on May 25th Yoshi's San Francisco is hosting a Birth Of The Cool tribute featuring nine (same as the original record) local musicians: Marcus Shelby, Mike Olmos, Erik Jekabson, Joe Cohen, Adam Theis, Adam Shulman, Jeff Marrs, Sheldon Brown and Mike Rinta will pay tribute to the original record, and we couldn't be more excited. We have no idea exactly what the tribute will consist of, but if it even somewhat catches the flavor of the original masterpiece, that will be enough for us. Tickets are on-sale now.


BayTaperDotCom said...

They typically will play most, if not all, of the album in order. Not saying they will actually do it that way this time, but they've done it that way in the past. I've got a video on my site of them doing this about two years back at Bruno's.