Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Twilight Sad Record On The Way

Despite the fact that we still haven't seen them live, and that since 2007 they seem to be avoiding the west coast like the plague, we still love The Twilight Sad. The Scottish band's first full length was one of our picks of 2007, and is still in regular rotation here at the HAD offices. It has a perfect blend of angst, killer vocals, and waves of feedback that make us smile.

Last year's Killed My Parents And Hit The Road was certainly enjoyable, but it offered less than a full record's worth of new material. What's more, with live tracks in the mix, it felt more like a tour EP than it did like a legitimate album. That's why we were so psyched to hear that the band's second full length is on track for release in September of this year.

Forget The Night Ahead drops on September 22nd, and if the first released track is any indication, it's gonna be a doozy. "Reflection Of The Television" opens with some of the band's signature feedback, and an unrelenting drum beat. It then gives way to singer James Graham's vocals, and while his thick Scottish accent is in tact, the mix has definitely been changed. The vocals are far more up front than on any of the band's previous records, and we're definitely not complaining. Graham's vocals do a lot to define The Twilight Sad, and having the effect be a fair bit more pronounced is certainly good thing. What's more, the band definitely manages not to fade away to the background - they come back at Graham with a wave of sound to close the track.

Long story short: we've been waiting for this record for a while, and we couldn't be more excited given this first sampling. The band is clearly stretching their legs a bit, and solidifying their already formidable sound. We can't wait for the record - now we just need to get the band to head west!

mp3: The Twilight Sad - Reflection Of The Television