Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mark Album Release With Remix and New Vid

The buildup to the physical release of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new record It's Blitz! has been steadily building over the past few weeks. Well yesterday the album dropped in stores, and along with it came forth the latest batch of hype-building materials from the YYY camp. To be frank, we'd typically be disinclined to buy into this sort of thing, but the record is just so damn good that we can't help ourselves.

First up is the third in the band's mysterious "Snakesweat" videos. Again, we have no idea what these videos mean, or what they're trying to say, but they're just weird enough to peak our interest. In this installment, Karen O takes on the role of "Black Widow" - you can check out the weirdness above.

In addition to the vid, MSTRKRFT has also done a remix of the first single, "Zero". You can stream the remix over at imeem if you're so inclined. To be frank, it's kind of a throwaway if you ask us. It's somewhat interesting, but at the end of the day just ends up feeling artificially clubby. Put differently, we're partial to the original.

And really, that's what it's all about, right? The record? We're guessing you've already managed to get your hands on a copy, but if not do yourself the favor today. Those damn kids in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just never seem to disappoint.


Hanan said...

I get paid next week, I will definitely be picking it up. I have some money now, but I'll probably spend it all when I see the Rakes tomorrow.