Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wilco Adds Mountain Winery Date To Tour

Picture from the HAD Archive

As we've mentioned before, we love the Mountain Winery. Our main obstacle to attendance is that a lot of the bands just aren't always to our taste. There's nothing bad going down, it just isn't our style. That being said, the venue is one of the Bay Area's finest, and if you head down we can guarantee you won't regret it. The view is fantastic, and the south bay location means an outdoor show without all the summer fog. Crazy, right?

All of this leads us to the fact that Wilco have added a date to their already chock-full summer tour schedule. The band will be at the Mountain Winery on June 26th, the night before their show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. No word yet on when tickets will go on sale, but when they do it will be through the Mountain Winery ticket page. As of yet, the show has only been announced via Wilco's web site.