Monday, April 13, 2009

Vetiver's CD Release Party Was At Great American - Pictures, Review

Last week we managed to stop in and check out Vetiver's release party for their latest record Tight Knit. Despite a long-held love for To Find Me Gone, it was our first time seeing the band, and suffice it to say, it won't be the last. The band played an amazing set that totally fulfilled our expectations, and then some. What's more, they really did an amazing job at elaborating on their records' intricate arrangements, while at the same time adding a new element in the live environment.

Getting to hear the tracks off of To Find Me Gone was a real treat. We've been listening to the record for years, and finally hearing it's melodic, mellow grooves in a live setting was genuinely satisfying. We were a tad curious as to whether the band would be able to pull off the record's understated yet confident vibe in a live setting, and they did so with flying colors.

In addition, we got our first real exposure to Tight Knit. We had heard (and listened to many times over) the first released track "Everyday", but as we slid into the gig, we got our first real taste of the record. Suffice it to say it sounds good - really good. Interestingly, the new material sees the band adopting a slightly more poppy and accessible vibe, and leaving behind some of the darkness and atmosphere of To Find Me Gone. We likey.

On top of getting a great batch of songs, it was great to hear the band build on their arrangements in a live setting. In particular, the lead guitar lines seemed vastly more fleshed out in relation to their (almost nonexistent) recorded counterparts. The interplay between the rhythm and lead guitars was killer, and really made us wish we could get our hands on a copy of the show.

Walking away from this show, we just found ourselves wanting more. Vetiver's records have an easy warmth and accessibility that makes them an ideal soundtrack to everyday life, and the live show offered much of the same. The band's presence on stage (and to be frank, much of the audience) had an easy going, familial feel that welcomed any and everyone to listen. Combine that with a masterful live sound and a killer new record, and well: we think it'll be a good year for Vetiver.

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mp3: Vetiver - Everyday


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