Monday, April 27, 2009

"Talking Music" Concludes Tonight With Laurie Anderson

City Arts and Lectures' "Talking Music" series concludes it's 2008-2009 season tonight, with multi-talented artist (and Lou Reed spouse) Laurie Anderson. The event is being billed as "in conversation", so we'd encourage you not to expect any music. That being said, Anderson has participated in such a multitude of projects and endeavors over the years, that we'd be hard pressed to guess that this conversation will be anything short of fascinating. If you have an evening to spare, it'll certainly be worth your while.

Talking Music, In Conversation With Laurie Anderson: 8 PM Tonight, Herbst Theater


Paige said...

It was a great conversation - especially the bit about JFK sending her roses as a kid.

Wrote up a brief review with pix at