Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spoon Offers Up Live Version Of "30 Gallon Tank" For Free Download

Picture from the HAD Archive

Free bonus download: welcome back. While the folks at the Spoon camp haven't been quite as thorough at updating their monthly "bonus" as they were last year, we're glad to see that it's still alive and well. This month they're offering up a version of "30 Gallon Tank", live from Sydney, Australia.

As huge fans of A Series Of Sneaks, and of this tune in particular, we couldn't be more psyched to see the band be giving it some love. What's more, after our observation of all the kiddies who weren't familiar with Series' songs up in Portland, perhaps this will give the record a little more exposure to the newer fans.

This live version features modified lyrics, full on guitar freak outs, and a killer groove. In other words, we love it.

mp3: Spoon - 30 Gallon Tank (Live In Sydney)