Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ryan Adams: New Song, "Yes, I Know That Color"

Here's the thing: See, we love that Ryan Adams is releasing all these crazy, wonderful, lo-fi, genius filled tracks to the interwebs, but we want them on a record! Granted, some of them will make their way to the surface on a future release, but we're willing to bet (given what happened with the "Now That You're Gone" 7-inch) that they'll be primped and polished to a studio veneer sheen. Which, frankly, makes us sad. These web-only tracks totally exemplify just what makes Adams so awesome as a musician. They're filled with raw, unadulterated emotion and feel completely fresh and full of life. But, enough bitching. The track itself is fantastic, and one of the more upbeat entries we've heard from Mr. Adams in a while. Give it a listen above.

Thanks to Music Induced Euphoria for the tip.