Friday, April 17, 2009

John Vanderslice Spinning Records At Amoeba SF For Record Store Day

You have to be something of a die hard fan to want to hear your favorite musician spin records rather than perform. That, or you have to be enough of a vinyl fetishist that hearing new records is almost as good as a liver performance. Believe us, we can empathize. If that sorta thing is your cup of tea, then Amoeba Records may be the spot for you tomorrow.

Along with a few other local luminares, John Vanderslice will be spinning records at Amoeba's SF location in honor of Record Store Day. Vanderslice is a hometown hero, indie rock aficionado, and general all around good guy, so listening to him spin records most likely worth the trip. If you need added incentive, there's a gamut of exclusive record store day releases, and the store will be bustling with festive atmosphere. That, and the fact that you know you love your local indie record shop - there's not really an excuse not to show up, is there?

mp3: John Vanderslice - Fetal Horses (From the forthcoming Romanian Names LP)

Vanderslice will be DJing from 4-5pm at Amoeba SF.