Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EELS: New Track, "Fresh Blood", New Record, Hombre Lobo, In June

To be perfectly frank, we were kind of starting to lose faith in EELS. Between a memoir for grandchildren, a double record of super mellow tunes, and a acoustic-y tour with strings, it seemed like good old Mr. E was getting soft around the middle. Well, have no fear: today E dropped the single off the band's first record in four years, and the edge is very much back.

"Fresh Blood" is the first track off of Hobre Lobo - 12 Songs Of Desire, which drops on June 2nd. The track is classic E - all droll delivery, double tracked vocals, and drum machine beats until there's an awesome freakout at about the one minute mark. From there it wades in and out of eerie synth lines, feedbacking guitars, and of course, howls.

There's no question that the track definitely encompasses the more "rock" side of E's personality. While those who are huge fans of the more downbeat E might find themselves dissatisfied, those of you who dig on the rock and roll will most certainly be loving it. What's more, if this track is any indication of the direction the record's taking, well, frankly, we couldn't be more excited. We've been waiting for this one for a while.

Stream the track on Spinner
, or download below.

mp3: EELS - Fresh Blood

Hombre Lobo, 12 Songs Of Desire Tracklisting
01 prizefighter
02 that look you give that guy
03 lilac breeze

04 in my dreams

05 tremendous dynamite

06 the longing
07 fresh blood

08 what's a fella gotta do

09 my timing is off
10 all the beautiful things

11 beginner's luck

12 ordinary man