Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broken Social Scene Subject Of New Biography

We're pretty huge Broken Social Scene fans around these parts, so today's announcement that a biography was forthcoming that included "hours of interviews with members and affiliates of the band; complemented by over 150 exclusive works of art, gig posters, full-colour and black & white photographs, taken from the personal collections of those closest to the band." has us more than a little psyched.

This Book Is Broken
, authored by Stewart Berman, is apparently an extremely in depth look at the somewhat-meteoric rise of Broken Social Scene back at the beginning of the decade. What's more, it apparently also delves into the formation of the band's Arts & Crafts label, and other seminal moments in the band's history. We've always had a lot of questions about just exactly how those Canadians managed so much rock and roll awesomeness, well maybe now we'll get some answers.

This Book Is Broken is set to drop on May 16th, and is available now for preorder via a tote-bag deal at the Arts & Crafts store.