Thursday, April 23, 2009

Atlas Sound Drops New Virtual Single, Deerhunter EP Due In May

Despite the fact that we're still digesting the deluge of free Atlas Sound and Deerhunter material from the past few months, it seems that the notoriously prolific Bradford Cox has seen fit to drop even more musical goodness on the interwebs in the coming weeks.

To start, Cox has continued the Atlas Sound "Virtual Single" series, releasing the latest entry, Time Warp, via the band's blog. The single consists of two decidedly acoustic numbers, one with vocals and the other without, that manage to be just finished enough to transcend any sort of "demo" feel. The title track (which is actually the b-side) offers up a slightly erratic percussion line that serves as a nice contrast to the almost-reggae offbeat guitar. The a-side, entitled "Springtime Instrumental", is an upbeat number that won us over with its easy going accessiblity - it has massive repeat listen appeal.

On top of churning out Atlas Sound goodness, Cox has also been hard at work with his other endeavor, Deerhunter. The band is set to release an EP, entitled Rainwater Cassette Exchange, on May 18th. While we don't have the whole record in hand yet, we do have the title track (below), and we can tell you it's right in line with what the band was doing on Microcastle. It's extremely reminiscent of that record's "Little Kids", although clocking in at just two and a half minutes, it never really quite goes as audio-crazy as that track.

We have to admit, with all this material, it can be difficult to keep up with Bradford Cox and his muse. That being said, if you're a fan (which we most certainly are), then it's looking to be a very good spring.

Rainwater Cassette Exchange drops on May 18th

mp3: Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange

mp3: Atlas Sound - Time Warp (Media Fire, click through)