Wednesday, March 4, 2009

U2 Letterman Residency, Day 2: "Magnificent"

As we mentioned yesterday, "Magnificent" feels like one of the more typical U2 songs on the band's new release No Line On The Horizon. That being said, this performance definitely knocks the socks off of the BBC rooftop gig, and the mix is way fuller than yesterday's performance of "Breathe". What's more, Bono's voice seems to be a bit more rested up - he's in top form. Plus, we have to admit it's pretty cool the way the Bono brings a typically staid studio audience to their feet on a nightly basis.

Check it out above.

Via pitchfork.


Hanan said...

U2 are to music what Spencer was to the English canon:
blown way out of bloody proportion.

ironic, seeing as how Bono hails from Ireland and Spencer, you know, wrote propaganda about annihilating the Irish race...

hippiesaredead said...

1) Nowadays, maybe you have something of a point, but such was not always the case.

2) Have you seen them live? It makes a difference.

3) If you don't like earnestness in your rock and roll soup (and some don't), then you'll never really "get" U2.

Hanan said...

ok, Mr U2 guru, tell me, which album should I turn to?

Bono just bugs me, I dunno why

hippiesaredead said...

He probably bugs you because he's a self-righteous egotist, but at least he admits it!

Check out The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby. They're the two undeniable foundation posts of the U2 catalog. Listen all the way through, preferably on headphones.

Hanan said...

will do.