Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phoenix Releases Album Cover, Multi Track Download Of "1901"

We just got hit with an email update from Phoenix, and they're continuing with the free-mp3 awesomeness on the first single from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, "1901". The band has now released a multi-track version of the song (presumably for remixing purposes) that contains 11 separate track files. They are: bass, beat, drums, keys, other guitar, rhythm guitar, siren, synth, synth 2, voice, voice dry.

We have to say, for a band that so clearly meticulously crafts their albums, this is a nice little insight into what the raw building blocks sound like. What's more, it'll no doubt be tons of fun for all the DJ's out there salivating over the track's remix potential. Meanwhile, the band's also released the record's cover (see above) - very 80's, no? Tour plans are also starting to form, although currently only in the UK...

Phoenix 2009 Spring Dates (thus far):
Apr 23 2009 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen London SOLD OUT
Jun 1 2009 Koko London

Hit the band's web site for the multi and single track versions of "1901".