Monday, March 2, 2009

Noise Pop 2009: Videos Already Making Their Way To The Web

For anyone who attended last week's Noise Pop fest, it's no secret that there were HD video cameras all over the place at every gig. While we had heard rumblings that the video would be in the edit bay for the better part of 6-8 months, it looks like the release cycle will be far faster than that.

Three full length gigs (Deerhunter, Ra Ra Riot, and Port O'Brien) have been posted on YouTube, and supposedly the remainder are making their way to streaming music beheamoth Wolfgang's Vault. Suffice it to say, both for those who were there, and those who not, this is an awesome treat.

Check out the Deerhunter vid above, and head to Noise Pop's YouTube page for Ra Ra Riot and Port O'Brien.


Hanan said...

this cements my faith in an all merciful g-d.