Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Local Music: French Miami and Maus Haus Are At Rickshaw Stop On Wednesday

Maybe you caught Maus Haus at their Noise Pop happy hour appearance, maybe you didn't. That doesn't change anything about the band's awesome sound, or the fact that they will joined by another awesome local band, French Miami, at the Rickshaw Stop tomorrow night.

Despite the fact that we have yet to see either band live, we can assure you that we've enjoying both of their records for quite a while. The chance to see both bands on one bill is pretty fantastic, and we would definitely recommend that you pass it up. What's more, third on the band is Religious Girls. We've never heard any of their stuff before, but a quick myspace listen has got us curious to say the least.

Come on kids, you've had two nights to rest. It is once again time to rock.

mp3: French Miami - All On Fire
(YouSendIt, click through)
mp3: Maus Haus - We Used Technology


Adrian said...

Both of these bands are pretty great live; they both bring something extra to the live show that you don't hear on the record.

Hanan said...

I miss Rickshaw. I got my newsletter today and am thinking about going to the Tallest Man on Earth show.