Saturday, February 21, 2009

The White Stripes Played Conan And Made A Godawful Mess Of It

Okay, we'll start by saying this: for the most part, we love the White Stripes. Jack White is unquestionably a musical genius, and their show at the Greek Theater during the Get Behind Me Satan tour was one of our fave concerts of all time. So with all that love, let us just say, without reservations or scorn: What on earth happened last night?

Sure, the two have been off the road and out of the studio for a while, but last night on Conan the duo played something that sounded far less like a world reknowned rock band, and far more like a folk duo at an open mike night. The guitars (yes, two) sounded boxy and thin. Meg's playing was amateurish and completely superfluous. The harmonies weren't even really harmonies - it was like some bizarre semi-unison chorus that they had thrown together a minute before they went on air. On top of that, both Jack and Meg looked far more haggard then we'd seen them in a long time.

Look, it was kind of the Stripes to come back for Conan's last show, and we'll concede the fact that they may have felt more than a little stale having to dredge up a performance out of nowhere. But seriously, is this the best they can do? We had high hopes for the rumors that the band was in the studio and possibly working on another record and tour. But if this performance is a sign of things to come, sorry to say, count us out.


Dubon said...

No one seems to understand. The White Stripes' performance was meant to be calm and sorrowful. Both did a beautiful job of displaying their feelings for Conan, but especially Jack who almost broke into tears at the last verse.
Everyone wanted Jack to come out with his usual heavily distorted guitar and see Meg bash at her drums, but that's not what was appropriate for the solemn tone of the show. Some might argue that the final show was cheery, but it actually was filled with nostalgia. Actually, it was Conan's
favorite song.
As for the technical aspect, Jack seemed hindered by his sorrow which gives reason for his voice breaking at times. Meg played it soft and simple. Although that's her nature, I'm sure she just started playing guitar, too.
Whatever the case, The White Stripes came and performed not so much for their many fans, but particularly for one man: Conan O'Brien.

hippiesaredead said...

what you say may be true, but it seems a little far fetched. Cohan isn't going anywhere - he's just switching shows. Hardly a reason to cry. What's more - sentimental or not, it doesn't changes the fact that it was musically awful...

Jamie said...

Agreed. They didn't have to do a crazy rock set, but a good sorrowful tune is perfectly within their talentsand wouldn't have been to much to ask for.

This was just not good.

Hanan said...

I don't think this is a mark of what's to come. I think people need to cut the guys some slack. everyone has "off nights"

Caleb said...

Dude! It was awwwwwwwwful! horrrrrible!

end of story!

Anonymous said...

I thought Jack was getting teary eyed because he was finally playing with Meg again. It's been so long. It makes no sense for him to get all upset about Conan. He should be happy for him, he got a huge promotion.