Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Phoenix: New Record, Free MP3 "1901"

We here at HAD have been really digging on Phoenix for the last six months, so we were pretty psyched to discover that not only does the band have a new record on the way, but they've also released the first single "1901" as a free high quality mp3.

We're not exactly sure why we were so late to pick up on the awesomeness of the French band, but we can tell you that we're glad we finally got on top of things. They offer a brand of addictive pop music that is at once accessible and highly unique. It's perfectly crafted and intricate, while at the same time offering up a vulnerable underbelly where voices crack and things sometimes become unhinged. We couldn't recommend their records more highly: It's Never Been Like That is a current fave, but United and Alphabetical certainly both hold more than their share of water as well.

The band's next record Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix drops on May 25th, and if "1901" is any indication, it's set to be an awesome foray into Phoenix's dancy, fantastic, pop nuggety goodness. So really, what are you waiting for already? Go get your free mp3 now!