Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michael Zapruder Comes To Bottom Of The Hill Next Weekend

First, can we just get something off of our chest? Every time we hear the name Zapruder, the first thing that comes to mind is the Zapruder film. Which, to be honest, is a bit of a shame, because Bay Area local Michael Zapruder is really far more deserving of the honor. With Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, Zapruder has crafted one of the most intricate, lovely albums we've heard in quite some time. Not only is it loaded with fantastic melodies and compositions, but it also manages to craftily defy categorization, existing in the ether somewhere between folk, rock, and indie pop.

At their core, Zapruder's compositions are relatively standard (albeit top notch) fare: they are folk driven singer-songwriter compositions, with solid melodic and lyrical components. However, the bit that really sets Zapruder's record apart are the intricate arrangements that span the album.

There's a certain sensibility that Zapruder lends to the application of electronics and drum beats to folk music that is consistent throughout. Pianos, guitars, and drums form the foundation of many of the songs, but lurking in the background are creatively layered electronic textures and rhythms. These elements work themselves into the songs so effortlessly that they take on an organic texture that removes any premise of "electronica" from the record's persona.

On top of the electronics, Zapruder also manages to pull in his fair share from the analog world as well. Flurries of flutes ("Ads For Feelings"), Ray Charles-esque backing choirs ("Black Wine"), and silky smooth string sections (Can't We Bring You Home") all serve to fill the album's tracks with a feeling that is simultaneously meticulous and classic.

One could have easily released the demos for this record as an album, and they would have been assuredly strong enough to stand up on their own. As a singer songwriter, the Zapruder is unquestionablty gifted. However, in taking the time to explore all the nooks and crannies of his compositions, he has delivered a record that is a far more unified in its vision, and unquestionably much more of a sonic journey for the listener.

Michael Zapruder is headed out on the road this month in support of the record. After a night in LA, he'll be making a stop next Sunday at Bottom Of The Hill. From there he moves on to the east coast for a quick three city stopover. If we may, we heartily recommend that you stop in and see what Michael has to offer.

Michael Zapruder Spring 2009 Dates
Feb 20 2009 House of Blues Foundation Room West Hollywood, California

Feb 22 2009 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, California

Feb 27 2009 Union Pool Brooklyn, New York

Feb 28 2009 Milkboy Coffee Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Mar 1 2009 The Red and The Black Washington, Washington DC

Michael Zapruder - Ads For Feelings


Rez said...

I've been waiting for Zapruder to come back to BOTH, will be catching this one!

afroyoursamurai said...

i'm excited for Michael's show in LA