Monday, January 19, 2009

The New U2 Album Is Here: Cover Art, Single, And Q Interview

We were planning a post on the new U2 record based purely on our excitement in reading the monster set of interviews in the latest issue of Q Magazine. The article features in depth interviews with each of the band members, and left us more than a little excited for their latest No Line On The Horizon.

For one, the article features photos of Bono having somewhat-abandoned his recent longish hair/leather jacket look in favor of a short hair/eyeliner look. We always enjoy a persona change for the front man, and given that the band is on the "hot" angle of their hot/cold album cycle, it's definitely a good sign!

For another, the band seems to be united in their belief that this is their biggest departure in an album since Achtung Baby, which at the time was drastically different that had preceeded it. Now granted, the album still has to be good for a departure to be relevant, but we here at HAD are of the view that U2 always seems to be a bit better when they're pushing boundries than when they're in their comfort zone.

Finally, the band is taking on technical as well as musical challenges: Apparently they'll be releasing an A/V version of the album that utilizes the ever-ubiquitous flat panel television. What's more, they're planning engineering feats for the tour (yes, there's a tour) that surpass everything the band's done before. Given their touring and stage track record, that's not exactly rhetoric. Frankly, we can't wait.

Well, follow all of this new info with the ever-leaky interwebs, and last week has seen the release of not only the album cover art (above), but also the first single "Get On Your Boots" (below). The single is a little too much in the "Vertigo" category for us, but it's also the lead-off single, so we're willing to keep an open mind. More importantly, the band sounds nice and loose (in a good way), and Bono sounds like he's really having fun.

For those of you who are U2 haters, it might be time to batten the hatches. It's looking like it could be another landmark year for the boys from Ireland.

Stream: U2 - Get On Your Boots