Friday, January 16, 2009

John Vanderslice Celebrating Tiny Telephone's 10 Year Anniversary In Style

John Vanderslice is certainly something of a San Francisco indie rock instituion. Not only does the man have a drove of awesome, intelligent rock records, but he also founded and runs San Francisco's preeminent analog recording studio: Tiny Telephone.

Well, Vanderslice is in the midst of record his next record, but apparently he decided to take a little break. It seems that Tiny Telephone has hit the ten year mark in style, and so Mr. Vanderslice has seen fit to celebrate his baby's anniversary with a show of epic proportions over at the Great American Music Hall.

On January 30th, along with the 30 piece Magik*Magik Orchestra, Vanderslice will be performing a set of old and new tunes. What's more, he's roped in hip-hop maestro (and now local resident) Aesop Rock to DJ the festivities.

Hmm...let's just say this: one part notable recording studio, two parts notable local musicians, one part 30 piece orchestra, and one part ten year anniversary? Recipe for awesome! (Sorry, we are such freaking nerds around here. Deal.)

Tickets are on-sale now.