Monday, January 12, 2009

Jay Reatard: Interview, Deerhunter Cover

We mentioned a while back that Matador's fuzz-rocker in residence, Jay Reatard, will be at the Independent on January 25th. The show's been a long time coming, and frankly, we're champing (Yes, champing. Look it up.) at the bit to check out the band in a live setting.

In the meantime, we've been enjoying Reatard's release Matador Singles 2008, and in particular held a certain fascination with his cover of Deerhunter's "Flourescent Grey". The track, from the EP of the same title, is one of Deerhunter's more accessible tracks, so it fits in well with Reatard's fuzzy take on easy to dig pop songs. The rest of the disc is a treat as well: if you don't have it, we highly recommend picking it up.

What's more, while you're enjoying the record you can also hopefully get a bit of insight to just who exactly Jay Reatard is. The Onion AV Club has a great, relatively lengthy interview with the man himself. Check it out now....

Tickets for Jay Reatard at the Independent are on sale now.

mp3: Jay Reatard - Flourescent Grey (Deerhunter cover. YouSendIt, click through)