Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hear M. Ward's Latest, Hold Time

If you're one of the many who's all psyched up for Matt Ward's sold out show at the Palace Of Fine Arts In April, well you've got a while to wait. What's more, the new record isn't even going to hit the shelves until February 7th. So what can you do with your Ward fever in the meantime? Well, we would suggest heading over to NPR: For some unknown reason, the site has been chosen as the exclusive venue to stream Ward's new album in its entirety.

From we're sitting, the record's sounding pretty good. It's a solid dose of Ward's distinctive sound, complete with crunchy guitars, breathy multi tracked vocals, and rolling beats. Fans of Post War (which we most certainly are) will not be disappointed. If you just have to get something on your iPod, well, Stereogum's dug up at least one mp3 (featuring Zooey Deschanel) for you to stuff into the digital repository of your choice.

Stream: M. Ward - Hold Time (entire album)


theneedledrop said...

Got a favorite track yet?

"Fisher of Men" is mine after about half a dozen listens.