Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GIRLS Are At Eagle Tavern This Thursday

Picture from the HAD Archive

We've been digging on GIRLS since we first saw them open for Port O'Brien last Spring. Well, after a few months on the down-low, the band is back for a show in the new year. They'll be playing this coming Thursday at The Eagle Tavern down in SOMA. The bar, which is most notably something of a gay/leather/biker hybrid, has apparently ventured into the world of live music, and has begun hosting a "Thursday Night Live" music series.

If you haven't seen GIRLS yet, we highly recommend you get out there and check out this show. The band (as we've mentioned before) is very much the "real thing", and continues to be one of our favorite local acts. If you have seen them, well then you know what we're talking about already.

Finally, kudos to the band for managing to sneak in "Hellhole Ratrace" as #100 on Pitchfork's best tracks of 2008. And yes, we're still bitter that the (now SOLD OUT) vinyl wasn't for sale at the supposed record release show. Blah.

mp3: Girls - Lust For Life, Hellhole Ratrace (click through for downloads)