Wednesday, January 7, 2009

French Miami Is At The Rumble Tonight (plus LoveLikeFire, DJ AmpLive, BAGeL Ted)

You may remember that we tapped French Miami's show back in December as a solid dose of local rock awesomeness. What's more, the band played last night's Animal Collective listening party at The Knockout. Well, in case you managed to miss both shows, the band will be out again tonight for a free gig at The Owl Mag's monthly club night The Rumble at Harlot.

The show will also feature LoveLikeFire and sets by DJ's AmpLive and BAGeL Ted. Granted, given that it's a free show, it'll probably be mobbed. Still, you can't really argue with some free quality tunage, even if it does result in a bit of sweaty crowdedness. Head over to Sonic Living and RSVP now!