Thursday, January 8, 2009

David Bowie Labyrinth Sing Along In NYC This Weekend

The relevance of this post probably depends on just how much you love David Bowie, and just how much you're willing to forgive him (and even embrace) his 80's sins. In our case that translates to high relevance, as we're willing to forgive the man just about anything, and when you combine it with Muppets there's just no telling what's permissible.

Allow us to explain: This Friday, the 92Y|Tribeca in New York will be hosting a singalong showing of the classic Bowie/Muppet mashup Labyrinth. For those not in the know (and are there any of you, really?), the film features Jennifer Connelly and a bewigged David Bowie (in very tight pants) in an otherwordly muppet-driven adventure. What's more, it features some of Bowie's most bizarre and humorous moments as he duets with the Muppets on a number of original tunes (see above). Yes, it's as odd as it sounds.

So, what could make such an amazing film better? That's right: beer! Admission includes one free beer, and we're guessing there's more to be had from there. So if your ideal Friday night includes getting blottoed and then singing along with likeminded fools, well, we can hardly recommend a better activity! We only wish that we could join you...