Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Blacks Are At Rickshaw Stop Tomorrow Night

Let's start by saying this: we know next to nothing about San Francisco's The Blacks, except that we heard they had a show at The Rickshaw Stop, went to their myspace page, and really really enjoyed it a lot. The band's sound has drawn more than a few comparisons to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, no doubt due to their similar gender/band configuration.

That being said, we get a vibe that's notably more rough edged, but at the same time slightly more accessible. They manage to leverage classic melody and composition but taint it with just enough crunch to make it edgy and exciting. What's more, we hear that their live show offers up a fair dose of energy, craziness, and rock and roll.

The band is playing tomorrow night (the 15th) at The Rickshaw Stop, so you'll have to do a little local-music discrimination and decide between The Blacks and GIRLS, but we figure that you're up for the job. You're so smart like that. In the meantime, check out some tunage below.

mp3: The Blacks - The Flame
mp3: The Blacks - Illumination Rounds