Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Side Of Spoon: Interview With Jim Eno

Jim Eno at The Fillmore from the HAD Archive

About 90% of the Spoon interviews we read out there are given by front man extraordinaire Britt Daniel. It's no secret that Daniel's one half of the band's always-there members, the other being producer and drummer Jim Eno. Britt makes no bones about steadily and reliably crediting Eno with having a huge hand in the band's sound. Still, interviews with Jim are a bit tougher to find, so we were psyched to check out this interview over at Culture Snob. Eno gives some great insights into the band's recording process and production, including the revelation that Britt Daniel plays much of the band's non-drum percussion and is an "amazing tambourine player". What's more, it features audio of the interview! Good stuff, people, good stuff.

Interview: Jim Eno Of Spoon