Friday, November 21, 2008

Some New Music From New Zealand: Cut Off Your Hands

Typically when we get Insound's "Free MP3 Of The Week" it tends to be a little underwhelming. It's either a band we've already heard, or a the latest buzz band that's already been hyped to high heaven, or something that doesn't catch our fancy in any particular way.

However, this week is different: the track is from New Zealand's Cut Off Your Hands, and is called "Happy As Can Be". From the second we put it on, we were pretty much won over. Repeated listens have only increased our enthusiasm, so needless to say: it's good. The track is full of driving energy, and to our ears winds up being somewhere in the territory of Morrissey meets Phil Spector meets a Christmas Carol (that's probably just the tubular bells getting to us, though). Anyway, there's no need for you to sit around and listen to us blab about it: go get the track now!

mp3: Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be (courtesy of Insound's mp3 of the week)