Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rolling Stone Touts The 100 Greatest Singers

Over the past 20 or so years, we here at HAD have grown progressively more skeptical of Rolling Stone. The once great music magazine has become a largely industry fed advertising machine, and it's seldom that they even focus very intently on music. That being said, we like the new magazine format that debuted earlier this year, and it seems like perhaps they've realized that they need to "get back to basics" and get some quality music driven content up in that piece.

All that leads us to this item: Rolling Stone's "Greatest 100 Singers Of All Time". Now, typically we would be skeptical of such a list. For one, lists like this are never definitive, and highly subjective. What's more, it becomes almost a bore to go over a list that will inevitably be so predictable (and indeed, it is). However, what caught our eye about this particular list is the fact that it was voted on and written by musicians themselves.

Such a voting populace at least intrigued us enough to see how things panned out. Upon closer observation, the top 10 articles are written by noted members of the voting block, and you can even click through to view hand written ballots. Sure, most of the list pans out exactly as you'd expect it to, but it's still pretty cool to see Iggy Pop singing the praises of James Brown. Pretty solid.