Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Age Is Confirmed For Rickshaw Stop - Free Show, Sold Out

Picture from the HAD Archive

You may recall that we mentioned No Age wrapping up their tour in San Francisco on December 4th at a to-be-determined venue. Well, the venue has been decided, and the pair will be making a showing (along with Titus Andronicus) at Rickshaw Stop. Unfortunately, here's the kicker: the show never had tickets on sale, and is part of Shockhound.com's concert series, which only supplies free tickets via their website. Unfortunately, the giveaway was last Wednesday, and is now sold out. What can we say? This show is gonna be rock solid, so call your friends, look on craigslist, do what you gotta do. A free ticket can't be that hard to score, can it?


Kevin Vegetables said...

As of right now (11/20, 10PM), the Shockhound site seems to be allowing (free) purchases. Second chance for romance?