Monday, November 24, 2008

New Jay Bennett Album Gets Rapid Internet Only Release, Free Download

Jay Bennett has been busy. Holed up in his own Pieholden studios, he's apparently recorded two albums worth of material, and now is simply tasked with deciding how and when to release them. Not a bad spot to be in, we suppose.

Well as of today, Bennett has decided to release the first record, entitled Whatever Happened, I Apologize, through the online music site As to why he released this record first? Apparently, much like a tootsie pop, the world may never know. On his myspace blog, Bennett simply stated:

"I am somewhat at a loss for words as to explain why I arrived at this decision, save to say it's just one of those lonely and private choices one sometimes has to make—in other words, it just felt more like the right album for the time."

Fair enough. As for the record, it is strikingly and surprisingly completely free. You simply go to the rockproper site and download a hefty zip file full of tasty new mp3s. We're thinking this may be a good strategy for Bennett, as there may be a world of Wilco fans out there who are interested enough to listen, but maybe on the fence enough not to drop $12 on a CD.

We just finished our download, but from what we can tell at first listen it's an earnest set of polished, acoustic rock songs. In other words, classic Jay Bennett. Check it out below.

mp3: Jay Bennett - Whatever Happened, I Apologize (full record download)